The present and future of any nation lie in the right kind education for its youth population. The education is the most essential part for the development of the nation also how its citizens behave and participate in the growth also depends on the kind of education they have received. Education is all about making responsible citizens who can participate in nation’s development either by providing a knowledge base and expertise in the various domains like technology, research, manufacturing, literature, and innovations in various conventional fields. Today the education is not merely coming from books schools and colleges but rather it requires feeding a sense of responsibility in the young minds that one day they have to contribute their expertise in the nation’s growth. This sense of responsibility is developed by engaging them in various activities that led them to understand the basics and advanced problems of the country as well as what we have done and where we stand in the present scenario. The glorious past and problematic yet hopeful present and where the bright future lies.

Work for nation
Work For Nation (WFN) Foundation- Registrations and Admissions started

Eduforall provides the following:

  1. Innovative classes based on real-life problems and making them aware where can be the studied concepts can be used or what is the domain in which the particular concept can be used. This will lead to a more elaborative form of education where the students not only know the concept but also where in life they can be useful. This approach leads to the selection of various areas on the interest of students and by monitoring that we can guide each student to his passion which will lead to a making a student who has certain expertise rather than a general qualified student. This creates an ecosystem where we provide education in a manner where a truly responsible and expert citizen of the Nation can be created.
  2. Improvement in the education level: we work extensively through our analysis of the level of the student and also various social and economic factors associated with his. This has led us to understand each student and designing an approach based on the factors. This also includes categorization and placing a student among the same kind of others and sometimes cross placing to make him realize how various forms of social structure work in society. This along with helping him find his domain of passion dreams or expertise we impart them in the education.
  3. Real-life scenarios and awareness of the recent technological and other advancements in various other field.- We all know that whatever we have studied during our school and college days felt irrelevant to the work we do as professional. We hardly used the advanced concepts studied in our school and college days. We almost negligibly used whatever we have studied. With is a program of ours we try to address the same problem by creating awareness about the current problems so that students can manifest their learning to jointly solve a bigger problem of the nation and the industries.
  4. Categorization and specialized faculties and Counselling sessions- We make a profile of each student and study the various social and economic factors. Based on the profiles they are categorized in various levels and each level is handled by expert volunteer faculties and supervised by the education experts.