What is crowdfunding?

Thousands fight for their lives from fatal diseases and unforeseen medical emergencies every day. Families are often left drained of all their savings due to insufficient insurance coverage and are forced to take loans at high interest rates. Many also have to risk delaying or stopping treatment due to lack of funds. At ImpactGuru, we believe saving lives is a service. With the help of millions of donors online, who step up to generously support friends, colleagues and strangers with contributions, we are trying to reach each and every individual across India to ensure that no life is ever lost due to lack of money

Work For Nation Foundation

Is an Indian online  crowdfunding platform, where any individual/organ across the country can raise funds for causes ranging from medical healthcare to disaster relief. Individuals, entrepreneurs and NGOs can raise funds to achieve personal goals, pay medical bills, make a movie or support their favourite local sports team or gymkhana. 

Crowdfunding on Wfnfoundation.com
  • You can start a fundraiser on your own in less than 5 minutes
  • You can fund the entire amount within days or even hours.
  • Assuming you do have a health insurance,
    it can still take weeks to sort the paperwork,
    before you can claim the insurance amount.
  • red documents tied to the loan approval can take months.


It Takes ONLY 5 minutes
WFN Foundation WFN Fundraise

Need Funds to Pay For a Medical Emergency or Social Cause?

Work For Nation Foundation 's 0% Platform fees ensures maximum funds for you